Redesigning SUMS Investor Platform for Enhanced User Experience

My role

UX UI Designer at Stayshure - responsible for discovery, visual design, and prototyping.


Sep/2023 to March/2024

Project Background

SUMS is an investment platform that connects early-stage companies with potential investors. They embarked on a full redesign of their investor platform to enhance usability and visual appeal, ultimately driving user adoption and engagement.

Imagine wanting to invest in promising startups, but struggling to find the right opportunities or understanding complex financial data.


While offering core functionalities, the original SUMS designs lacked user-friendliness, and its interface presented challenges for investors seeking clear and accessible information.

Image: Original SUMS platform

To gain a deep understanding of our target audience, I collaborated with a UX researcher to develop detailed Investor Personas. These personas, based on the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) of accredited individuals in North America with experience investing in startups, captured key characteristics, goals, and potential pain points.

Based on our personas, we formulated a central problem hypothesis:This initial research phase revealed a critical need to focus on the investor's portfolio and the investment process for new companies.


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Accredited investors seeking high returns through early-stage company investments often struggle to make informed decisions due to a lack of clear and accessible information about potential investments.


To validate our hypothesis and pinpoint specific user pain points, I partnered with the Product Manager (PM) and the client, exploring existing platform workflows and user flows and identifying areas for improvement.

This initial research phase revealed a critical need to focus on the investor's portfolio and the investment process for new companies.

assorted notepads
assorted notepads

To understand investor’s behaviors and identify opportunities for improvement, I mapped the journey that investors take when encountering a new company on the platform, from initial interest to making an investment decision.


Image: Investor Journey Mapping

Key Insights

Through in-depth analysis, we uncovered three critical user needs that informed the redesign:


Incomplete Information

Investors felt they didn't have access to all the information they needed to make informed decisions.


Unclear Details

Company information and business plans were presented in a confusing and inconsistent manner.


Complex Investment Process

Adding and completing a new investment was a confusing multi-step process.

How can we improve investors' access to information before they invest in a company, ensuring decisions are based on reliable and easily digestible data?


Leveraging the insights from investor journey mapping, current workflow analysis, and user pain points, we developed a new and optimized sitemap for SUMS. This sitemap served as a foundation for the redesigned user interfaces, ensuring a user-centered approach throughout the design process.

Image: Investor's Sitemap


Portfolio Dashboard: At-a-Glance Insights
  • The redesigned portfolio dashboard serves as the central hub for investors, providing a holistic view of their investment performance.

  • Key metrics and visuals allow investors to quickly assess the progress of their portfolio and identify potential opportunities. This transparency empowers investors to make informed decisions about their investments and explore new opportunities with confidence.

Discovering Companies: Streamlined Exploration
  • Discovering new investment opportunities is now effortless. We implemented a powerful search and filter system that empowers investors to easily identify companies that align with their investment criteria, whether the company is actively raising funds or planning future rounds

Company information: Unveiling the Story
  • The redesigned company profile provides a clear and engaging overview of the company's mission, team, market position, and other key information such as metrics and financials to help investors make decisions before investing with confidence.