Improving the UX for a marketplace for buying and selling trading card games


This project tackled the challenge of enhancing navigation and boosting conversion rates for buyers on the MYP Cards platform, a marketplace for trading card games. The goal was to simplify the user experience, leading to increased user satisfaction and business success.

My role

Product Designer

Time period

xxxx, 2023

Project Background

MYP Cards is an online marketplace for buying and selling trading card games, connecting players, retailers, and collectors.

When I started working on this project, the main complain from the Project Owners was that they where having high user drop-off rates during the buying process and we need to understand why and how to solve it.

The product had been designed and built by the engineering team, was bloated with features, and was lacking an effortless user experience. As a product designer, it was my role to work alongside the team to significantly improve the the user experience of the website.