Louver - A mobile app designed to enhance the stay of the hotel's guests.


Louver is an app that offers a range of services and requests to make their stay more comfortable and convenient, from booking spa treatments to ordering room service.

Louver simplifies the process of accessing hotel amenities, while also making communication with the hotel easier, helping guests make the most of their stay.

My role

UX UI Designer

Time period

April, 2023

Challenge and Goals

Design a mobile app for a 5-star hotel that will provide customers with a direct channel for reporting issues and requesting hotel services.

The goal of the project is to enhance guests' experience by providing top-notch hotel services and amenities during their stay, while also facilitating communication between guests and the hotel staff.


In this first phase of the project, the goal was to identify and learn about the users who would be interacting with the product, considering the purpose of the challenge which is to design a product that will provide customers with a direct channel to communicate with the hotel staff.

To better understand the initial challenge, I conducted a Desk research by consulting available online data on the communication between hotels and guests. Additionally, I ran a Qualitative Survey with targeted users to gain further insights.

Survey and research Findings

Based on the survey, here are some common reasons why guests typically contact the hotel during their stay:

  • Guests want clear and concise communication from the hotel, especially regarding check-in and check-out procedures.

  • Providing information about nearby attractions and activities can enhance the guest experience.

  • Responding quickly and effectively to guest issues is important for improving communication and ensuring a pleasant stay.

  • Guests appreciate a personal touch, such as hotel staff checking in on them during their stay and asking about their experience.

  • Monitor guest feedback online and address any issues promptly to improve the guest experience.

  • Most of the users have never used a Hotel app during their stays

Competitor analysis

A competitor analysis was conducted to assess the strengths and weaknesses of hotel and booking apps in the hospitality industry. The analysis involved comparing the current market offerings of competitors and identifying potential opportunities. The evaluation focused on three competitors: Hilton Honors, Four Seasons, and Marriot Bonvoy Hotels.

Problem statement

Sarah is a luxury traveler who frequently stays in 5-star hotels, who needs to communicate with the hotel during her stay when she needs something or has a problem because she expects the best experience from the Hotel, ensuring that her needs are addressed promptly and her stay is enjoyable.

Affinity mapping

Affinity diagrams are a great method to make us make sense of all information gathered and it allows us to gain a deeper understanding of users' needs, behaviors, and pain points, which can inform the design decisions and lead to more user-centered solutions.

User flow

The app was designed to ensure seamless communication between hotel guests and staff. The user flow was crafted to be intuitive and easy-to-use, allowing guests to quickly and effortlessly connect with hotel staff whenever they need assistance.

Lo-fi Wireframes

Creating the low-fidelity wireframes allowed us to show the high level of some functionalities without expending too much time on the visual part.

Style Guide
High fidelity designs
Usability Testing

The prototype was tested with 3 users in a remote moderated usability test to find their reactions using the app and whether the product meets users' expectations.

Improvements and Feedbacks
  • The onboarding screens can be made more interactive and informative, improving the initial user experience.

  • Consider adding an input field for the reservation number during check-in to load guest information automatically.

  • It would be beneficial to have a dedicated account overview screen for easy access and management of user account details.

  • Including a list of common problems in the report and complaints section would simplify the process of reporting issues, ensuring efficient communication with hotel staff.

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