Revolutionizing Retail - Empowering Sales with Vitrine Infinita

Helping Salespeople and Inspiring Customers at Havaianas Stores

Project Background

Vitrine Infinita is a solution designed to help salespeople at Havaianas stores by presenting all the products available in the Havaianas catalog to customers, including those that are not in-store, on a platform similar to an e-commerce.

The solution prevents lost sales from showrooming by creating an improving in-store shopping experience that encourages customers to buy onsite instead of searching for better deals elsewhere.

About Havaianas

Created 60 years ago, Havaianas exists to bring a world without tethers to it’s users. Havaianas believes that their products allow one of the most incredible sensations there is: freedom.

Currently, combining franchised and owned stores, Havaianas has over 730 monobrand stores spread across five continents. The brand is present in over 130 countries and just in Brazil, it has more than 350 thousand points of sale.

My role

UX UI designer responsible for in-depth research and end-to-end design of the project

Time period

June 2022 - April 2023.

Rolling out, launched in Brazil

Main features and achievements


Significantly enhancing the intuitiveness and user-friendliness of the checkout process.


Seamlessly integrating the new payment method, PIX, into the checkout process.


Created an advanced Administrative area for salespersons and managers, streamlining order tracking and follow-up.


The product's detail page underwent a remarkable improvement, ensuring enhanced accessibility for all users.

Due to NDA,
this project is under lock and key πŸ”

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